First impressions count when selling your home. Colour, layout, flow and light can influence how a potential buyer feels about a home and whether they can imagine living there. Here are our top tips for some simple things you can do yourself to up your home’s appeal when it comes time to sell.

1. Declutter, Repair & Clean

Clear the clutter! Pack away unnecessary items, personal belongings and excess furniture. ‘Less is more’ when selling. A fresh coat of paint (we recommend white) and a spring clean can make a huge difference to the feel of a home. Fix leaky taps, broken tiles, missing knobs etc that turn buyers off. Avoid costly rennos – unless these are a key part of your strategy to add value.

2. Create a Welcoming Vibe

Freshly mowed lawns, neat garden beds, paths and driveway, plus a ‘Welcome’ door mat and pot plant will improve street appeal and add to the impression the home is well maintained.
Make the foyer or hall inviting with a lovely mirror or artwork over a console or bench. Add a plant, baskets and maybe a lamp.
Help buyers feel excited to see your home.

3. Keep it Neutral, Light & Green

Stick to a light, neutral palette, especially if repainting interior walls. Add soft colour and texture through decor. Muted browns, greys, pinks, greens and blues are calm and reflect nature. Black accents are great for adding depth and interest but avoid bright colours. Saturated colours can put people off and don’t tend to look good in photos – especially bright yellows and reds. Remove heavy curtains, add lamps and mirrors to bring light into dark spaces.
Bring in as much natural light as possible. Plants add to a relaxed feeling. They breath life into a home. Faux plants can look great!

4. Layout, Furniture, Art & Decor

Optimise layout and furniture placement as this influences how potential buyers see your home’s size, how well it ‘flows’ as people walk through, and how ‘liveable’ it feels. Avoid overcrowding. Furniture, art and rugs should be in proportion to room size. Swap things around, remove bulky items. Beautiful furniture and art looks great but does not have to be new. You can up-cycle your furniture, hire a sofa or buy 2nd hand. 

Marketplace has some beautiful furniture at bargain prices. After furniture and art are in place, add other decor. Cushions, throws, baskets, vases, books, plants – in colours and textures that tie together.  Keep it simple. A large white vase with greenery from your garden may be all you need on a bench or table. Try a styling trick – cluster a ‘trio’ of cohesive decor items on a table.

5. Style for YOUR Home and Target Market

Honour your home’s era and surrounds. A mid-Century home with lots of warm, natural timber will not look good with a cool grey palette or ultra-modern, shiny furniture. Coastal styling may feel wrong in a country farmhouse. Buyers have specific needs. Is your home suitable for first-time home buyers? A growing family? Retirees? Investors?

Talk to your agent and style your home to showcase the features that will most appeal to your target market/s.