Choosing the right new artwork is a great way to refresh a space quickly no matter the budget. It can be that one thing that makes a great ‘hero’ piece to build your design from, or even the one key thing that takes a room from drab to fab. It is also a great way to add a personal touch to your home, by choosing something that looks great, lifts your mood and really speaks to you and your story.

So how should you approach it? Read on for our top five tips.

1            Choose where it is going first. Unless you have fallen in love with something on sight, work out which wall or space would be the                best place for your new work. Where will you see every day as you sit or pass through? Find a place with maximum impact.

2            The next step is to work out how big a piece you will need to fill the space and measure it. Are you looking for one big piece or                  thinking more of an eclectic gallery of smaller works? Often a single large piece is more striking in a dining area or lounge,                          whereas a gallery can work better in a study, hallway or sunroom where you will see it up close.

3            Is it a bright space with lots of light or somewhere dark that needs brightening up? Think about the mood you would like to                        create and how much light your room really gets when you use it most. Finding a new artwork can help shift things in the right                    direction.

4            Colour, colour, colour. What colours do you respond to most? Would those colours complement the fixed items in the space,                  like the floors, walls and large furniture. Create a mini-mood board, or at least start by ruling out the types of colours that would                NOT work!

5            Not all art is watercolours and oil paintings. Think broadly about what might suits your personal style. Fibre art is very popular                    and is a good way to add texture to a room. Photographic art is another option that works well in sleek modern properties but                  can also bring a more traditional home bang up to date.

Keeping your new criteria in mind, have a good look around. It is great to support local artists in your own area who you might find at markets, pinterest or through a small gallery or store. At Love Your Home South Coast, we suggest starting with some well-regarded local galleries and online stores like Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong and South Coast Experiences’ Artisan Shop. You might even be brave and commission something just for you!

Another option is to look online at a place like Bluethumb that represents lots of different Australian artists. You can search by colour/s, theme and the type of artwork to save time browsing, while being exposed to widely different types of art at a range of prices.

The most important thing is – find something that speaks to you. And create a home you love!