COVID-19 is getting under control and it looks like we’re finally out of lockdown. Well, we’re on our way. Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been for years. Properties are starting to go on the market again and more people are looking for their next home. So what’s next?

If you are looking to move on it can be hard to know how to sell your home during such unprecedented time to get the best possible price. It is clear that the market has changed, but how?

To find out what you should do, read on for our top 5 tips.

Decide how committed you are to selling your home right now

Should I stay or should I go? A lot of people besides the Clash are wondering this right now. Basically you need to do decide whether to sell now or wait until the post-COVID market becomes clearer. The trick is no one knows how long that will take, and no one will knock on your door when you should sell.

If you have no choice and have to sell you are already committed. If you are not sure, arm yourself with local sales information from places like Core Logic online and talk to as many people in the industry as possible.

Certainly, there are more buyers out looking than a month ago and properties are selling. Ultimately, you will need to make a call based on your own property, what you want and your financial circumstances.

Get as many eyes as possible on your home online.

So you have decided to sell. Get online now. Online marketing was already vital and getting more important each year. When people are busy and don’t have time to drive the streets looking for a ‘for sale’ sign they look online and only visit those properties they’re sure have potential.

While the COVID-19 restrictions are lessening each day, for some time people looking for a new home will spend more time at home, and more of that time online. That makes sense. So make sure they see your home no matter where they look. Talk to your agent about how to sell your home by getting on as many websites as possible, starting with Domain and Real

Find out who is looking to buy and what they are looking for right now.

Try to think objectively about your property and who it might suit – is it big enough for a family, or would it be better for an older couple looking to downsize? Is the garden flat and low maintenance or are there steep stairs? If it is hard to look at your home with fresh eyes, ask other people what they think.

The next part is what most people miss – to check who is actually looking in your area by asking your agent and researching online. Is your area full of young families or is it popular with retirees from Sydney? Who these people are and – this is key – what they are looking for is key.

You might love your lime green curtains but they might not appeal to everyone. When you work with Love Your Home, we know what people want and how to make those little (or big) changes that will help people imagine your property suiting their needs.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

It is an old saying because it is true. Every person looking for a house online will spend about 10 seconds looking at the short title heading and lead photo of your property as part of a long list. Most importantly, where they might have looked at four or five properties a week if they are keen, since COVID-19 purchasers will only visit one or two and they will choose which ones based on two things – price, and how it looks in photos and video. If they can imagine living there, they might come. Which brings us to photography.

Poor photos can make the best property look desperately ordinary, and the average house look small, dark and uninspiring. There’s no point in renovating and cleaning and then using photos that don’t show your homes key selling points in their best light. Literally and figuratively.

When you insist that your agent get a REAL photographer – we recommend Jon Harris Photography – they know all the tricks to make your home look spacious, bright, warm and inviting. Good photos will get more people in the door every time. That is key to how to sell your home for the best price.

Get every little detail right to sell your home during the Coronavirus

Now you have people at your front door, expecting to be impressed. How do you live up to your own hype? The truth is it takes attention to detail. People notice every little thing, but not necessarily the same things you think they will.

When you live in a home you see things that visitors that come through for 15 minutes wont. So there is no point spending money on that stuff. But you also have stopped seeing small things that a purchaser will see as a sign your house might need repairs. Expensive ones $$.

What people see, smell, hear and feel when they walk in the door makes all the difference. A clean, clutter free space with just the right furniture, art and accessories means that the right buyer – the one who will offer you the best price – doesn’t need any imagination to see its potential. Getting that response requires skills, experience and a lot of hard work.

Make your property look its best by working with a home expert like Wendy + Kate from Love Your Home South Coast. We will declutter, move your treasures around and add a few key pieces that will appeal to buyers right now, both online and in person.

Give us a call to talk about how to sell your home during coronavirus in 2020. We can help you make it happen! xx